The movieTitanic remains one of the world’s most classic movies and definitely my all time favorite. Whether it is Jack and Rose’s beautiful love story or the unforgettable soundtrack, this movie insightfully captures the result of the industrial revolution and the hierarchical nature of the 1912 society.

Though we all know that Jack and Rose were fictional characters created to bring the story to life, the movie Titanic is based on a real tragedy in history. Carrying 2,201 passengers and crews on board, RMS Titanic, the deemed unsinkable ship, set out from Southampton, England to New York on April 10th, 1912. Out of the people on the ship, 885 people were crew members, 325 first class passengers, 285 second class passengers and 706 third class passengers.

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Looking at the first part of the alluvial diagram that shows how many people from which class survived this catastrophe, it can be seen that the number of people who survived (1 in the middle) in from each class (left: 0 is crew, 1 is first class, 2 is second class, 3 is third class) are approximately equal. However, since there are very different numbers of people in each class, there was a much higher percentage of survival rate in the higher classes. For instance, approximately 25% of crew members survived, 25% of third class passengers survived, 60% of the second class passengers survived and around 70% of first class passengers survived. This proves that is accurate saying that “Passengers traveling first class on Titanic were roughly 44 percent more likely to survive than other passengers.” This also makes sense because on the movie, the crew members locked the hundreds of third class passengers in the lower floors of the boat so that the first class passengers to leave first.

Further, looking at the the second part of the diagram, we can see that out of the survivors, there are more females that survived than males when 1,731 of total people on the ship were male and only 470 were female (Right: 1 is male and 2 is female). This is also seen in the movie when women and children from the third class were let out to the life boats before the men.

From the diagram, we can see that Titantic depicted reality very well, which is one of the reasons why the movie remains an all-time classic.