Draft list as of September 29.

Your group will register its first, second, and third choices for datasets, but, alas, we cannot promise you’ll get the data you want. Any group that does not receive its first, second, or third choice will get two extra points added to its score for the final project.

On October 16, you’ll be issued a project capsule, containing the data itself (in the form of a lightly cleaned spreadsheet), supporting documentation, a couple books and articles to start off your research, and the name of a subject-matter expert who has agreed to serve as an resource for your group.

  1. AIDS Posters from UCLA’s special collections
  2. American Labor Who’s Who, 1925
  3. Indiana University’s Cushman Collection of Photographs
  4. Dishes from early 20th-century New York City restaurant menus
  5. Circulation records from the NY Society Library, 1789-1792
  6. The Tate’s collection of J.M.W. Turner paintings
  7. The¬†University of Pennsylvania’s Schoenberg¬†Manuscript Database
  8. The New Jersey Shipwreck Database