Data visualization is a great technique for human beings to simplify something really complex and present in a comprehensible manner. Although it is a great tool, if not used correctly, it would be misleading and even be just as ineffective as receiving a raw data set.

Having been exposed to data visualization tools, I have played around with the data set for Amazon and CoCo Cola. The reason why I chose this data set was mainly for because I am interested in these stock prices of these companies. Also because I am an economics major and looking at these markets is something I do. The raw data was given in a form of an excel sheet that consists of 3 columns. That was it. With thousands of rows whose value consist of numerical number it is quite difficult to draw any conclusion or make any predictions of future stock prices. So I experimented with Tableu and came up with the following graph below.

Screen Shot

As you can see, in the bar graph, coco cola has more positive returns than that of amazon. That we can easily see with the visuals provided in the bar graph. However, like I said before, you have to be careful of how you use data visualizations for it can be misleading. Although, coco cola seems to be doing better in returns, we can see that amazon has a higher return percent than that of coco cola.

Although data visualization can be misleading, when use correctly, it opens doors to effectively improve on a companies operation.