Weekly Blog Posts

Each Tuesday, by 12:30 p.m., you’ll submit a 300-400-word post to the course blog. In the post, you’ll identify something you encountered in your daily life that reminded you of something in the coming week’s reading (either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s reading).

It could be anything. Examples of things students have written about in the past:

  • a billboard
  • a Tumblr post
  • a museum exhibit
  • a movie
  • a television show
  • a peer-reviewed article

The post should include a description of the thing you’re writing about (and ideally a link and/or image or other media) and an explanation of how it relates to the reading. Does it illuminate the phenomenon described in the reading, extend the argument of the reading, or challenge the argument? Why?

I should be able to tell from this post that you’ve read and thought about the week’s reading and attempted to connect it to your daily life.

You can see examples of other students’ blog posts (for a different course) here.


By classtime on Thursday of the same week, you’ll post substantial comments to two of your classmates’ blog posts. These can be short, but they should be thoughtful, respectful, and demonstrate that you’ve carefully considered your classmate’s post.