Final project: Data Visualization

For this final project option, you’ll create a website that contains a series of contextualized data visualizations using museum data. (See below for the datasets I’ve provided.)

You can use Silk to create your website, or if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you can use another tool of your choice. I’ll help you the best I can, no matter what you choose, but I’ll be more familiar with some tools than with others.

Requirements for your dataviz website:

  1. At least five meaningful data visualizations.
  2. A narrative of at least 1,500 words that gives context for these visualizations.
  3. An annotated bibliography of at least seven peer-reviewed works related to your topic.
  4. An About page of about 1,000 words that explains your process and discusses what you learned about museum data.


Feb 2: Choose the type of of project you’d like to do (digital story, dataviz, exhibit).

Feb. 9: Choose the dataset you want to work with.

Feb. 23: Submit an annotated bibliography on your topic.

March 1: Submit 500 words of background information on your topic, plus three research questions that you’ll explore in your visualization.

March 10: Submit the completed project.


These are some datasets you might want to work with. You’re welcome to find your own dataset, too.

Highlights of the Leeds Museums and Galleries Collections (1,142 objects; source)

What’s On View at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts (4,902 objects; source)

Toys at the Powerhouse Museum (803 objects; source)

Bowls at the Powerhouse Museum (662 objects; source)

Films at the Museum of Modern Art (2,057 objects; source)

Illustrated Books at the Museum of Modern Art (26,231 objects; source)

Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art (1,669 objects; source)