General Help, Meetups, & Groups

Prof. Posner and your T.A. will help you as much as we possibly can! But it’s also good to know about all the other stuff that’s out there!

General Tech Help at UCLA

UCLA has more tech help resources than many people know! Here are some of my favorite.
These are professionally produced, up-to-date videos that give instruction on everything from design principles to server administration. One of the best secret resources at UCLA!

Safari Books Online
A huge collection of tech ebooks. These would cost a fortune if you tried to buy them! My second favorite secret tech resource at UCLA!

On-Demand Mapping Workshops
If you can get a few people together, the super-nice and knowledgeable people at the Institute for Digital Research and Education will give you a workshop on digital mapping!

Humanities + Tech Events at UCLA
Watch this calendar for super-useful workshops, talks, and opportunities to network with cool people!

Meetups & Groups

Here are some beginner-friendly tech meetup groups you might like to check out in L.A.:

Maptime L.A.

“MaptimeLA is a time to learn to make maps with local data and free tools. Maptime is, rather literally, time for mapmaking.”

PyLadies Los Angeles

“Developers and enthusiasts interested in promoting diversity and education in the Python development community.”

Crash Space: A Los Angeles Hackerspace

“We are a collection of hackers, programmers, builders, makers, and artists. We promote science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) by teaching classes, participating in events, providing on-line resources, and by running a shared workshop.”


“Our goal is to build DataScience.LA into the premiere information resource and virtual meeting place for the Los Angeles data science community.”