Make a diagram with RAW

When you filled out your questionnaire last week, you gave me some data! We’ll use your responses to make a cool diagram that’s really good at showing correlations.

Download your data

Download your responses to the questionnaire here: (When you create a form with Google Forms, you can download the answers in a spreadsheet. That’s all this is.)

Open RAW

Go to and click on Use it now.

Drag your spreadsheet into the box

Just drag and drop! Easy!

Choose the visualization type

After you’ve dropped your spreadsheet in the box, scroll down until you get to the list of chart types. There are lots of cool charts you can choose, and you should try them all when you can! For now, though, choose Alluvial Diagram.

Add some dimensions

This is where you tell RAW which categories of your data you want to visualize. Choose a couple of the categories and drop them in the Steps box. You can leave Size blank.

Scroll down to see your chart!

“Alluvial” refers to the sediment deposited by rivers, and you can see why! This diagram shows you how the categories on the left are related to the categories on the right. Cool, huh!

Play with your chart

You can add more categories, if you want.

How to publish your chart

You can either download it as an image or embed the HTML code on your site.