This is fun, how do I do more of this?

Sometimes DH students realize they actually love dataviz and want to learn more!

UCLA doesn’t really offer classes on dataviz, except high-level ones in the Stats department, but we do have some resources to help you.

Our Lynda collection includes lots of data visualization tutorials. You might start with the one called “Data Visualization: Story.”

On a professional level, dataviz people popularly use Tableau, the JavaScript library D3, and the programming language R. These are all topics you might begin to explore, through Lynda and the Library’s collection of ebooks.

The Knight Foundation periodically offers online data journalism classes that include visualization topics. I learned D3 this way and recommend the courses.

If you want to learn in person, the Digital Humanities Summer Institute offers great courses in data visualization, and scholarships are available.

Dataviz specialists work in lots of capacities, from news organizations to marketing groups to research foundations. Some job titles that make use of data visualization skills: data journalist, data scientist, marketing specialist, data visualization specialist. You might find someone who has a career that looks interesting to you and contact them (with your exciting new emailing skills!) to set up an informational interview.