DateRecommended or requiredWhenMilestone
Friday, October 6REQUIREDin labFill out technical self-assessment.
Friday, October 13REQUIREDin labYou will be assigned to groups. Groups should discuss the research topics available and submit their top choices via CCLE.
Friday, October 20REQUIREDin labYour group will be issued its project brief that morning. The brief contains a dataset, supporting documentation, several assigned readings, and the name of an expert who has agreed to lend his or her expertise on this subject matter.
Friday October 20-Friday, October 27RECOMMENDEDIndividually, study your group's dataset, attempting to make sense of the fields, and read your project brief carefully. As a team, discuss possible research directions and review charter guidelines.
Friday, October 27REQUIRED11:55p.m.Via CCLE, your group must submit 1) a list of five preliminary research questions; and 2) a project charter.
Friday, October 27-November 3RECOMMENDEDMeet as a group to discuss your dataset and draft your critique.
Monday, October 30RECOMMENDEDDecide on the books and articles you'll include in your bibliography. Obtain them from the library, or order them via interlibrary loan, if necessary. Begin reading and taking notes once the books/articles arrive.
Friday, November 3REQUIRED11:55p.m.Your group must submit a draft of its data critique via CCLE.
Monday, November 6RECOMMENDEDEmail your subject expert to set up a time to meet.
Friday, November 10RECOMMENDEDMeet as a group to share research notes and refine research questions. Discuss your dataset. What kind of work will you need to do to refine the dataset in order to answer the questions you're interested in? If you need help with data manipulation, make arrangements to meet with your TA or Prof. Posner.
Friday, November 17REQUIRED11:55p.m.Your group must submit a draft of your annotated bibliography via CCLE.
Wednesday, November 22RECOMMENDEDAs a group, continue to discuss the evolution of your research questions and argument. Divide the writing of the narrative. What kinds of maps and visualizations do you plan to create? If you need help creating these visualizations, make arrangements to get it.
Monday, November 27REQUIRED11:55p.m.Your group must submit wireframes for your site, including the headings for your data visualizations and maps, via CCLE. You should indicate which visualization, mapping, and timeline tools you intend to use, along with the web-publishing technology you plan to use (e.g., WordPress, flat HTML, Jekyll, etc.).
Friday, November 24RECOMMENDEDEveryone in the group should submit their portion of the narrative to the group's project manager so that he or she can assemble it fully.
Monday, December 4REQUIRED11:55p.m.Your group must submit a draft of your project narrative via CCLE. (Data visualizations need not be fully functioning by this point but their intended locations should be labeled.)
Thursday, December 14REQUIRED8am-11amFinal deadline for project completion and breakfast celebration!