9. Friday, Dec. 4

Recommended, but not required, for this class: Google Cardboard or similar VR device (~$15 for the most basic models; requires a smartphone).

Virtual and augmented reality

  • Synchronous discussion: 1:30pm-2:30pm PST
  • Guest lecture: Dr. Matt Davis, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, 3pm–4pm PST
  • Begin assignment nine together: 4pm–5pm PST

Read and watch for this class:

Matt Davis, “Towards Frictionless Augmented Reality”

“How Museums are Using Virtual Reality” (video)

Interact with the following 3D models on your computer or mobile device and, if you have it, with Google Cardboard or another VR device. Try interacting with the Snapchat models in different sizes, and take photos with the models.

If you have a pair of VR goggles, explore YouTube’s VR videos, and take some virtual museum tours.