DH resources at UCLA

You’re feeling stumped. Is there help available?


In-person (virtual) help

Two DH experts work for UCLA’s Digital Humanities program and are available to help you with any questions I can’t answer:

Dr. Wendy Perla Kurtz is a lecturer and project scientist in the Digital Humanities program. Dr. Kurtz is experienced with a broad range of DH tools and has particular expertise in mapping. You can reach her at wpkurtz@ucla.edu.

Anthony Caldwell is the assistant director of UCLA’s Digital Research Consortium and is widely knowledgeable about DH tools. He has particular expertise in 3D modeling. You can reach him at acaldwell@humnet.ucla.edu.

In addition, several places on campus offer specialized help. The Library’s Data Science Center is such a great resource for data-cleaning, stats, coding, and mapping help, and you can book an appointment online!

For thorny visualization and mapping problems, you can make an appointment with one of the Institute for Digital Research and Education’s consultants.

UCLA’s Digital Scholarship Librarian, Zoe Borovsky, can help you get access to data, and also knows about many tools and technologies that could be helpful.

Various other people are often willing to help out if we ask nicely. Talk to me if you can’t find the help you need!


Find an aggregated list of workshops here! The topics are highly relevant to our class and well worth checking out.

In addition, the Institute for Digital Research and Education offers workshops by request, mostly on mapping topics.

Online help

My two favorite subscription-only resources are:

  1. the Safari library of ebooks on technical topics. These books are very expensive to purchase, but we get access through UCLA.
  2. the Lynda library of videos, which you can access with an LA Public Library card. These are fantastic, helpful videos.