In some cases, I have easier-to-use versions of these datasets than those available on the linked websites.

If you don’t want to use one of these datasets, you are welcome to use another! I have made a list of places you might look for your own data. You can also make your own dataset; just talk to me.

  1. Prisoner records from the Eastern State Penitentiary
  2. Contemporary art at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  3. Photography at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  4. Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  5. Nixon White House recordings
  6. A database of Scottish witchcraft
  7. Artwork at the Williams College Museum of Art
  8. Nineteenth-century children’s books
  9. Cylinder recordings
  10. Photographs from science-fiction conventions
  11. A database of graphic novels
  12. Book acquisitions at the Osage, Iowa, public library in the early twentieth century
  13. What people had in their houses in the 1700s in rural Pennsylvania
  14. A database of archaeologists and classicists
  15. The letters of Charles Darwin
  16. Museum of Modern Art Acquisitions, 2006-2016
  17. Marvel Comic Books and Characters
  18. New York Philharmonic Performances
  19. Facebook ads purchased by a Russian “troll farm”
  20. Index of digital humanities conferences
  21. The “Austrian Biographical Lexicon 1815–1950” records important personalities who were born, lived or worked in the respective Austrian state association or in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and who died between 1815 and 1950.
  22. Sources of income, and expenditures, for college athletics
  23. COVID data, geographically segmented
  24. Datasets on police interactions, by city
  25. Wikipedia editor activity
  26. Social scientists who testified before Congress
  27. Shapefiles tracking the changing boundaries of the French Third Republic
  28. Datasets on enslaved individuals (use with respect)
  29. Metadata on the paintings of Bob Ross
  30. Women executed during Colombia’s war for independence
  31. Metadata about 900 coups
  32. Datasets about trees in NYC, Dublin, Bogotá, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Vienna
  33. Data about 500,000 opera performances
  34. Deaths in US jails
  35. US cabinet appointments
  36. China Biographical Database
  37. Immigrants to England, 1330-1550
  38. World Values survey data
  39. Data about Mexican migration to the US
  40. Surveillance technology around the US
  41. Lighthouses in England and Wales, 1514-1911
  42. Women Elected Officials Database