Homework 7: Due February 23

Networking a short story

Select and read a work of short fiction from here.* Make a list of characters. These are your nodes. Decide what constitutes a connection (e.g., characters appear together in a scene, characters speak to each other, etc.) and build an edge list. (Refer to Step 1 of this tutorial if you’re still hazy on what an edge list is.) Use your edge list to build a simple network graph with Flourish (or with any network software you prefer).

In a paragraph or two, reflect on the following: What, if anything, does this network graph illuminate about the characters’ connections? What are its limitations?

If you’d like, you can reflect on your network graph on video, via Flipgrid. Find this assignment on CCLE in order to get the link to the Flipgrid prompt.

Via CCLE, submit a screenshot of your network graph and your reflection on it.

* Some stories are free to read and some aren’t. Click around until you find something you like!