A new summer job and assorted busy-ness

I found these birds' eggs on Providence sidewalks not long before I left.

Things have been pretty busy for me lately! Andy and I made our big move from Providence to New Haven (note to self: I am now too old to not hire movers), my laptop died at about the same time, and a few days later I took off to Victoria for a week to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (more on that later).

As if all that weren’t enough, I’ve started a summer job in Yale’s Instructional Technology Group. I’m an Instructional Innovation Intern, doing web design for Yale professors who want to put course materials online. I love it. In addition to the perks (a snack cabinet! Wii breaks! great coworkers!) I’m learning a ton and improving my CSS/HTML skills. I’ve basically taught myself (with pointers from Andy) everything I know, and it is unbelievably nice to be able to ask someone when I have a question. It saves a ton of Googling and I get the perspective of someone I trust, right away.

I’ll also be starting a summer teaching gig next week — a writing class for pre-meds. While I’m really happy about all these activities, I’ll be busier than I’ve been in a long time, and the big question is whether I’ll actually be able to make any progress on my dissertation. Stay tuned!

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