Tutorials I’ve Written

For some reason, I like to write technical tutorials. I think that breaking these processes into small steps helps me to understand tools better myself. Here’s a collection of tutorials I’ve written. Feel free to use them, adapt them, print them out and make a hat with them, whatever you want.

Have you used any of this material in your class? I would love to know about that! Drop me a line at miriam.posner@gmail.com; I’m trying to collect this information.

Text Analysis

Getting Started with the Topic Modeling Tool

Investigating Texts with Voyant

Network Analysis

Creating Network Graphs with Cytoscape (a monster set of tutorials)

Network Analysis with Gephi

Data Visualization

Getting Started with Tableau Public

Introductory Palladio Workshop


Make a Map with Tableau (and part 2)

Data Manipulation

Getting Started with OpenRefine

Make a Pivot Table with Excel

Audio & Video

Getting Started with Sound Editing with Audacity

Getting Started with iMovie

Web Building

Build a Webpage from Scratch with CSS and HTML (series of several tutorials)

Publish Your Website with GitHub Pages


Up and Running with Omeka

Creating an Omeka Exhibit