PDP video available (mostly)

The Past's Digital Presence LogoI’ve been pretty remiss in my website-maintenance duties for Yale’s Past’s Digital Presence conference website.

However! Thanks to our intrepid cinematographer/video editor (A.K.A. my boyfriend Andy), you can watch video of a lot of the talks by clicking on the title of the talk you’re interested in. And Jana Remy, our distinguished and talented online media chair, has turned a number of talks into downloadable audio podcasts.

Andy and I are pretty pleased with ourselves for our decision to host the conference’s video at the Internet Archive. As I see it, this has a number of benefits: the I.A., unlike YouTube, has an explicit commitment to sustainability, open access, and archival integrity. Plus, people can freely download these videos, and they’re even available as HTML5. Here are all the videos over at the Internet Archive.

Our undeserved prominence has inspired me to get on Andy’s case to get the rest of the video up. And I’ll work on making the site a better archive, rather than a conference-registration site.

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