Make tutorials dead-simple with ScreenSteps

ScreenSteps logoIf you’re wondering how I got so fancy with my instructions on how to make a DVD clip reel, I had a trick up my sleeve. ScreenSteps is an application specifically designed to create software tutorials. It has everything you need packed in: screen capture, image notation, links, and text. Because it’s designed specifically for the purpose of creating tutorials, it’s super easy to use.

The most impressive part for me was its integration with WordPress. I followed ScreenSteps’ instructions to connect to my blog and ScreenSteps generated the blog post you saw, complete with styling. The only hitch was that I had to strip all the <div> tags out of the HTML ScreenSteps generated, since they were messing with my sidebar.

And ScreenSteps also generated a great-looking PDF version of my instructions. Plus, if I need to go back in later and change something, it’s no big deal.

I used the free thirty-day trial. The real thing costs $33.96 (standard) and $50.96 (pro) for academic users. I’m not sure I’ll write tutorials frequently enough to justify the purchase, but if I did plan to create even a few software tutorials, I’d definitely shell out.

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