Policies & Grading

Grade Breakdown

Site visit reports: 20%

Omeka exhibit: 30%

Final paper: 40%

Attendance & participation: 10%

Discussion Guidelines

Whiteboard text reads, "Etiquette! Don't interrupt," "Breakdowns," "Trying to understand others' perspectives w/empathy," "Table setup!" "Disagreement" "Connect ideas to bigger picture" "Many voices" and "No one is eloquent all the time."
The guidelines we developed together in class on April 3.

A Note on Email

I enjoy corresponding with you and encourage you to get in touch with me early and often with your questions. I strive to respond to emails within 48 hours of receipt. I cannot, however, respond to emails in the evening or on weekends. Please take note of these tips on emailing a professor. In turn, I will extend the same respect to you. I mention this because we’re all human, and sometimes, especially when under stress, we can forget to be aware of each other’s feelings. Etiquette is one way to be sure we treat each other with generosity and respect.

A Flexible Syllabus

No matter how hard one tries to anticipate every eventuality, things can change (sometimes a lot!) over the course of 10 weeks. An assignment may not work, for example, or readings may not resonate. Because of this, I want you to be aware that the syllabus is not set in stone. I promise to make you aware of changes with plenty of warning, and to be receptive to your concerns.


In the spirit of Universal Design for Learning, I will strive to provide an environment that is equitable and conducive to achievement and learning for all students. I ask that we all be respectful of diverse opinions and of all class members, regardless of personal attribute. I encourage persons with disabilities or particular needs that impact on performance to meet with me to co-design accommodations, if necessary. I ask that we all use inclusive language in written and oral work. Students with disabilities may also want to register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (http://www.osd. ucla.edu).

Grading Scale

Letter Grade Numeric Grade
A 93 – 100
A- 90 – 92.99
B+ 87 – 89.99
B 83 – 86.99
B- 80 – 82.99
C+ 77 – 79.99
C 73 – 76.99
C- 70 – 72.99
D 60 – 66.99
F 0 – 59.99