Final assignment

For your final assignment, which is due Friday, December 18, at 11:59 pm, you will submit a portfolio that consists of:

  • the three weekly assignments of which you’re most proud.
  • a narrative of about 1,000 words that describes the trajectory of your learning in this class over the course of the quarter.

To expand on that second point: Please describe some or all of the following, referring to the assignments you submitted as appropriate:

  • what you knew, in general terms, when you started this class.
  • the readings, assignments, lectures, or discussions that most resonated with you, and how.
  • questions or problems that came to preoccupy you over the course of the class.
  • interests you discovered during this quarter.
  • reflections you made on your own experience with museums.
  • your mental picture now of museums in the digital age: the problems they face, the opportunities they have, obligations they must meet, their most pressing dilemmas, etc.

I suggest you organize this essay as a chronological narrative, but you are welcome to use another format if you prefer.

You can submit your assignment as a Word doc, a PDF, or anything else I can read. If some or all of the assignments in your portfolio are online, please include the URL(s) when you submit the portfolio. You will submit your portfolio via CCLE, in an assignment filed under “Final Assignment.”


Portion of assignmentCriteriaPossible points
Weekly assignment 1Reflects significant effort, thoughtfulness, and reflection20
Weekly assignment 2Reflects significant effort, thoughtfulness, and reflection20
Weekly assignment 3Reflects significant effort, thoughtfulness, and reflection20
Narrative: reflectionThoughtful reflection on progress through the class, displaying insight and self-awareness20
Narrative: sophistication & comprehensionEvidence of thorough comprehension of readings & discussions, along with the ability to critique and question elements of the texts20