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Hi! My name is Miriam Posner, and I’m an assistant professor—specifically, your professor—at UCLA, in Information Studies and Digital Humanities. My own research focuses on two general areas: the history, use, and possibilities of data; and the history and use of information in global logistics. But in a past life, I was an associate curator of the collection at the Museum of the Moving Image, and I stay on top of developments in the museum world. This will be my fourth time teaching this class, and I love it every time! (Really!)

I’m originally from East Side San Jose, and I was fortunate to go to Reed College for my undergraduate degree in History, and to Yale University for my Ph.D. in Film Studies and American Studies. Prior to coming to UCLA, I had a postdoc at Emory University, where I gained a lasting appreciation for Atlanta in general and barbecue in particular.

I have two very cute kids, and in my downtime I love to sew garments, read novels, make craft projects with my daughter, and watch bad TV. As it has everyone’s, the pandemic has thrown my life into a little bit of chaos. So I thank you for extending your patience and understanding to me, as I will to you.

My students can always email me at, or book a Zoom meeting with me.