Other Video-Making Tools

Together, we’ll learn to use iMovie, but you may also be interested in some other options, depending on your goals for your video.

Final Cut Pro X

A higher-calibre video editing suite, for professional-grade editing. Unfortunately, it is not available on CLICC laptops, but you might experiment with a free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro

An Adobe competitor to Final Cut.  Not available on CLICC laptops, but a subscription is available for about $20 a month for students.


Quick and easy video-editing, with an emphasis on social media-friendly elements like captions, stickers, and effects. Cost: $16/month.


Quick and simple “Buzzfeed-style videos.” Comes with a library of templates and themes. With the free version, you can include 20 different clips and images.


Designed for “explainer-style” videos, with lots of animated infographic options, including a whiteboard-style option. The free version limits you to two minutes; a $19/month version allows you to make videos up to five minutes long.

Adobe Spark

Digital and graphics-creation tool from Adobe with a social media-friendly focus. Available in a cloud-based version that you use in your browser, or an iOS app for mobile devices. The free version is branded with the Adobe logo and has a more limited range of options, or you can purchase the premium version for $10/month.

PowerPoint or Keynote

Seriously! Create voiceovers, animations, clips, and drag-and-drop images. If you record your presentation, you can export it as a video. Instructions for PowerPoint; instructions for Keynote.