Project presentation

You will be presenting your projects during the last two weeks of class, March 6 and March 13. You will each have an eight-minute slot, with three or four minutes for questions.

Your final project itself is not due until March 22, so I will not expect you to present a finished, polished project. However, I would like to see you discuss the following (not necessarily in this order):

  • What does your dataset contain? What are its affordances and its limitations?
  • What story or stories will you be telling based on the dataset (and any other sources you used)?
  • How did you arrive at the direction you chose?
  • How does what you’re covering fit in with existing literature on the topic?

I will expect to see some visualizations and/or map(s), even if they’re still prototypes, and I will expect you to at least have a well-fleshed-out plan for publishing your project, if not a functioning website.