Week 8

In regards to the videos that are present on LACMA’s website, I find them all incredibly intriguing. For me personally, I love to know what goes on behind the scenes or why an artist makes what they do. Because I work in film, my favorite part is listening to an interview with a director to learn more about how they were able to accomplish something as spectacular as a motion picture. Because of this, I greatly enjoyed listening to Ed Moses discuss the art that he created.

When it comes to what I expect from a museum digitally – I don’t expect much. The first museums I visited were in Spain for a culture class I took there and I didn’t notice anything at all. (To be fair, I’m sure there were some digital aspects, but without looking I didn’t see any) And now to take this course and to learn all of the developments museums have been making, I have a whole different viewpoint. I guess I would expect them to have some form of social media presence and website. However, from there I am still excited to see anything of interest (like the behind-the-scenes interviews).

If there were an online class that taught real life skills pertaining to a job, I would pay attention to that. For instance, I would benefit from learning how to write a press release. If there were ever some sort of video that could teach me how to do one without having to consult my supervisors, I would take it in a second.

I’m not sure if this will count as digital storytelling, but the first thing I thought of was the Virtual Reality experience for The Walk. This film tells the story of Philippe Petit, the man who walked across a tight rope between the twin towers. This experience gives a little background of the story by playing the trailer and then actually puts you into his shoes to try and complete the walk. I can say from experience that this is so realistic most people can’t even take the first step. I know I couldn’t. I feel like virtual reality will be the next step in digital storytelling.


2 thoughts on “Week 8”

  1. Whoa! To be honest, I feel a little queasy thinking about that VR experience. But I still want to try it!

  2. I completely agree that VR (or maybe AR) will be the next step in digital storytelling. VR technology in particular is powerful as it is able to simulate real life experiences- definitely puts the “experiential” in “experiential learning” in a safe but interactive and novel way.

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