Week 8 Blog Post

I personally expect a museum’s digital presence to enhance the works of art within a museum, rather than replace or overpower it.  I think that museums can utilize technology as a way to disseminate their information to a wide rage of audiences to gain attention.  I also believe that museum’s can utilize the transition into the digital space to change their role in a community or in the art world from a site of colonialism to a site of diversity.

Looking through the courses on coursera, I found that the Data science class developed by Johns Hopkins would be the most interesting to participate in for the course of a whole year.  I think that the information presented in this course would be extremely interesting and beneficial in multiple disciplines.  Similarly, since it is focused on data and manipulating data structures, working on the computer may make it easier to understand the translational process form lecture to practice.

I have found http://www.makers.com/about which utilizes digital storytelling to empower women.  The website holds a collection of digital storytelling processes and gives insight into the lives of powerful and impactful women in society. Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Week 8 Blog Post”

  1. I think you have a fair outlook on what the digital presence of museums should be. Traditionally, a museum is meant to house physical objects and technology moving into that space and potentially overpowering the objects might make a museum something different. It will be interesting to see how museums adapt technology and with what goals.

  2. I agree that the digital presence of a museum should enhance the works of art themselves. I think that the digital should complement the works themselves by providing more information about the works or really different information about the works.

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