Week 8

In terms of digital presence, I am all for the modernization of museums. I feel that in order for museums to stay relevant and up to date with the times, going the technological route is the way to go.

Of course, the first step would be a website. It would be a great service to the museum and to those interested in it if the museum were to have a website that would provide all the information they need – address, special exhibits, “know before you go” tips. A website would probably be one of the first things potential museum guests would look at before deciding to make the trip there, so this would definitely be something that is well crafted and enticing.

Secondly, social media is now the norm with many teenagers and young adults. This demographic is definitely the type to benefit from the information a museum can provide, so I would definitely expect for a museum to be on social media. This younger crowd definitely is the type to follow trends and visit cool locations, so in creating social media, museums could find that it is an inexpensive form of advertising for itself.

A class that would be extremely interesting to see would be how to do the basics of design. At this time and age, designing (or even just using basic photoshop) is the norm for most people looking for an entry-level position. It would definitely be helpful to learn design basics, typography and possibly photo editing. Although I’m sure there are some videos like this already available, to have all the basics conveniently available would be extremely beneficial.

Lastly, this is the digital story telling piece I would like to share.

It strikes a chord with me because this is a Content Creator that I’ve been following on Youtube and other forms of social media for a long time, primarily for beauty and lifestyle. While naturally, she would drop tidbits about her personal life from time to time, this video was beautiful to see. It was a wonderful and emotionally poignant piece of digital storytelling that makes me empathize with her, as well as educates me.

3 thoughts on “Week 8”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this video. I really like the way the videographers frame the work right at the beginning as a sort of ethical dilemma — how to share this story respectfully and with care? And it’s even more powerful that you already have a relationship (or feel that you do) with the videographer. That’s a special affordance of digital media and YouTube culture, I think.

  2. I found the the digital piece you selected to be very interesting because it shows how versatile video can be when representing someone. The job of being a youtuber, or a personality on digital media and followed on social media was unheard of 10 years ago. It is now both a career and a way of expressing one’s identity.

  3. I love Claire Marshall and was about to link to this video as well, actually. Like Professor Posner pointed out, the way she frames the video makes the transition from present to past really seamless. In fact, she’s an extremely effective storyteller in almost all of her videos, and your post reminded me that maybe looking at her will help inspire me for the final project.

    The way she uses her personality and her story is something that I would definitely like to see museums do as well.

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