Week 8

I expect for museums to use digital tools to create narrative that gives unique perspective and context that cannot be accomplished from just being in the presence of the physical object. Museum digital tools should be exciting and fun but also functional and assist with research and creating a lasting sense of resonance with the collection.

I really dislike online classes. I always find myself trying to treat them like a game that I want to win instead of engaging with the material. I think the only class online that would be effective would be a creative corse,like design and media arts such as 3D modeling. It would be cool to create online an engage in a dialogue cross culturally with other students. Maybe a language component could be involved.

I really like art 21 but I feel like sometimes they focus to much on process. I like the personal aspects of this piece.I find it funny and endearing and it makes me feel more connected to his work and him as an artist.

4 thoughts on “Week 8”

  1. This made me laugh because I kind of hate online courses, too. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I just have a really hard time focusing. Maybe it’s because we expect the online environment to be scattered and diffuse.

    Thanks for the link to the Satterwhite video! I loved his pieces at the Fowler.

  2. I definitely agree with you that online classes are only effective for creative subjects because it involves an element of interaction beyond just being on the computer and reading/listening to the lecture/whatever the class entails. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with what we’re discussing with digital technology in museums: there needs to be a level of functionality attached to it.

  3. I also do not like online courses. I think the efficaciousness of online courses really depends on the subject and the type of learner that you are.

  4. Good summation of the purpose of museum websites. And I think the problem with online classes is that it’s hard to keep yourself motivated every week to do the class if you’re not getting credit for it and when no one’s really monitering you. Unless I have a very specific reason for taking such a class I probably watch 2 or 3 tutorials before abandoning it.

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