The range of videos available on the site exemplify the different goals of musuem digital story telling projects and the broadening definition of musuem public engagement. LACMAs videos aim to provide viewers access to artists through interviews, behind the scenes looks at conservation, information about the architecture of the museum, curator led of exhibitions and conversations with the Director of LACMA. As we discussed in class, the central goals of digital story telling projects seem to be to provide the audience with a “behind the scenes,” more personal, and in-depth understanding of or access to museum content, collections and artists that is not possible in a traditional museum setting. The desire to make all this content available to the public reflects the on-going trend occurring in institutions to be more transparent with the public and increase public access to the curatorial process and musuem collections.

I personally like digital content that features interviews with artists, art historians, and curators. I feel these types of digital content can increase the resonance of art objects and exhibitions. The PBS series art21 is one of my favorite examples of how digital media has been used to document and explore the work of contemporary artists. art21 gives the viewer a personal look into the work of a diverse range of contemporary artists through the lens of the artist themselves discussing works, exhibitions, and process.  In terms of a museum’s digital presence, I really like the digital content the Whitney Museum of American Art produces in relation to exhibitions and the online interface they create for current and past exhibitions.  The Whitney’s online content and the interface are extremely helpful for research.

I think I would like to take Big Data Course on coursera because it is a really big topic right now that I would like to learn more about.


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  1. I’m so glad we’re getting a chance to look at LACMA’s videos. They’re really useful in thinking about our own digital storytelling projects. And thank you for the link to art21! I hadn’t known about this!

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