Here are all the possible datasets your group could choose for its project. You’ll fill out a questionnaire in lab on Friday, October 13, telling us your group’s top five choices, and we’ll do our best to give you one of those choices. If your group doesn’t get one of its top five, we’ll add two points to your project’s final score.

On Friday, October 20, your group will receive a digital folder containing:

  • the dataset you’ve been assigned (as a spreadsheet);
  • the names of some books and articles with which to begin your research process;
  • the name and contact information for an expert who has agreed to be interviewed as part of your research; and
  • information on how to contact librarians and conduct further research.
  1. Prisoner records from the Eastern State Penitentiary
  2. Contemporary art at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  3. Photography at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  4. Architecture at the Carnegie Museum of Art
  5. Nixon White House recordings
  6. A database of Scottish witchcraft
  7. Artwork at the Williams College Museum of Art
  8. Nineteenth-century children’s books
  9. Cylinder recordings
  10. Photographs from science-fiction conventions
  11. A database of graphic novels
  12. Book acquisitions at the Osage, Iowa, public library in the early twentieth century
  13. What people had in their houses in the 1700s in rural Pennsylvania
  14. A database of archaeologists and classicists
  15. The letters of Charles Darwin