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arclight-cover-page-001-e1464474821563I’m really proud to have a new chapter in an open-access volume edited by Eric Hoyt and Charles Acland called¬†The Arclight Guidebook to Media History and the Digital Humanities,¬†published by the UK press REFRAME. The chapter, which is called “How is a Digital Project Like a Film?” is really about data and narrative. What does it mean to tell stories with data? On what basis can we call data-based narratives true, and where do they necessarily lie? And what role does the interface play in all of this?

The full TOC includes lots of great stuff, including pieces by Deb Verhoeven, Haidee Wasson, Greg Waller, and Lea Jacobs. I think it does a nice job bridging the gap between traditional film studies and other forms of scholarship, and I’m very pleased to be included.

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