Thanks to the many people who made their syllabi available and offered reading suggestions: Michael Z. Newman, Adam Golub, Fiona Barnett, Max Fenton, Liz Losh, Tara McPherson, Dorothy Kim, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Kathi Inman Behrens, Jacque Wernimont, and my colleagues in FemTechNet.

Thanks to the Selfies Research Network for making its research materials and syllabi available online.

For help with contract grading, thanks to Cathy Davidson, Amanda Gailey, and various Facebook commenters. I also found this article by Peter Elbow and Jane Danielewicz quite helpful.

These syllabi were especially helpful for me in formulating the digital ethnography assignment: Eric Meyer, Digital Ethnography (Oxford); John Fenn, Digital Ethnography (University of Oregon); Douglas Campbell, Anthropology of Social Media and Digital Ethnography (Western University).

Special thanks to Dr. Wendy Hsu, whose advice and expertise has been invaluable in constructing and guiding the digital ethnography assignment.

I would also like to thank my 21-year-old-sister/Chief Quality Control Officer, who has chosen to remain anonymous online. (Millennials!)

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