This week’s study is a little foreign to me since I don’t have much experience with 3D modeling or anything of the like, but when reading Diane Favro’s essay that walks us through ancient Rome via various digital exhibitions and other projects, I noticed that the idea behind 3D might not be as foreign as I originally imagined. Of course, I believe, as well as most people, experiencing something holds much more value than merely reading about someone else’s experience. Although text gives life in a specific and exact way that has the possibility of appealing to many, I would argue, even as an English major, experience not only has more available appeal, meaning that often the level of understanding might be lower than text, but also, some experiences are not easily transcribed to text. A text describing the Grand Canyon cannot grasp the beauty of the sublime view that overlooks the grand carving in the earth’s surface. A picture can also capture much more of the view than words, although words have a unique power to enhance the experience.

Recently, my mom sent me a link that offers a visual tour of Niagra Falls with multiple perspectives created from panaromic pictures taken from a helicopter above the falls. Although it is not necessarily 3D, the experience it creates for the user is quite remarkable and I was reminded of it while reading Favro’s essay. Physically being there to really experience the sublime view and power of nature outweighs the visual tour and makes it appear somewhat trivial, but I definitely would say this offers a great peak into what it would be like, which words could not quite possibly offer.

Reading Favro’s essay, I was also reminded by something my brother did when we moved out of the house that we grew up in. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the house one last time before my family moved out because I was away at school, although my brother recorded a little less than one second of video in each of the rooms of the house, compiling them altogether so he would not forget what the house looked like. Not only am I reminded of the appearance of the house by watching my brother’s “walk-through” video, but I also remember all the memories that were made while living there.  I could be reminded by these memories simply by talking with my brother, but seeing the rooms really does place me right there, which words have a harder time doing.

The video: