Group Presentation

Form a group of 4-6 students and prepare for a presentation on Tuesday, March 10, or Wednesday, March 11.

Please list your group members here:

From among the technologies chosen by members of your group for their final projects, pick one whose adoption you want to either advocate or advise against. Everyone in the group should speak briefly. In a well-coordinated, rehearsed 15–20-minute presentation designed to address campus decision-makers, discuss the following. (Note: if you’d prefer to address a different audience, like the leaders of a public library, etc., feel free to do so, but make that clear at the start of your presentation.)

(The following points should be adapted if you choose to advise against the technology’s adoption.)


Environmental scan

  • What are this technology’s competitors? How does it compare?


  • What existing infrastructure does this technology build upon?
  • Who will use this technology?
  • What need does this technology meet?
  • Does this technology replace existing campus technology, or does it augment it?
  • How will you address the challenges presented by “signing on and hooking up” (Star and Ruhleder)?

Data and ethics

  • What is the business model of this technology’s creators or vendors, and how does that model interact with the needs of the campus community?
  • Is data collected by the technology’s creators or operators? If so, what kind of data, and what happens to it?
  • Does this technology raise ethical concerns, and if so, can they be addressed effectively?

Maintenance and lifespan

  • What are the service, maintenance, and support needs of this technology? Who will take this on?
  • What is the effective lifespan of this technology, and is a transition to a successor technology relatively feasible?
  • How will the effectiveness of this technology be evaluated?

Grading rubric

(View spreadsheet as a full page.)