In class, we’ll work through three tutorials together:

  1. basic HTML
  2. CSS step one
  3. CSS step two

Remember, if you already know HTML and CSS, that’s awesome. Your job is not necessarily to finish quickly but to help everyone in the class learn together. Watch your classmates to see who might be able to use a (gentle) hand.

These are the handouts from class: Basic HTMLBasic CSS, and Useful CSS.

Once you know how HTML and CSS work, it’s just a matter of practicing and refining your skills. Want to learn more? UCLA has e-books for that! Try Head First HTML and CSSFoundation HTML5 with CSS3, or Learning Web Design.

If you prefer learning from a video, check out UCLA’s Lynda library, which you can access from here. Lynda has many videos on HTML and CSS, from beginner to advanced.