Your midterm exam, on November 18, will test your technical skills. You’ll be expected to be able to do the following:

  • OpenRefine: Reorder and remove columns; cluster and merge fields; remove leading and trailing whitespaces; separate combined values into multiple columns; export project as a CSV.
  • Excel: Summarize values using pivot tables; create simple bar and pie charts.
  • Tableau, Plotly, Fusion Tables, or Datawrapper: Create bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs from spreadsheets.
  • HTML and CSS: Create a simple webpage and style it using CSS.
  • Google Fusion Tables, MyMaps, or Carto: Geolocate, then map and publish data from a spreadsheet.
  • Palladio, Cytoscape, or Fusion Tables: From a spreadsheet containing sources and targets, create a labeled network diagram.

You can practice for the midterm using these datasets: