Final Exam

Three of the following questions will appear on your final exam, to be held in lab on
Friday, December 2. (Each lab section will have a different set of terms.) You will need
to answer two. The terms that appear in brackets will be drawn from our list of key
terms and specified on the final exam.

I will not try to trick you or throw you any curveballs. If I ask question one, for example,
I will not choose two wildly unrelated terms. Similarly, I will not expect you to discuss
authors, terms, or ideas we haven’t discussed in class.

In your answers, I will look for:

  • Thoroughness. You do not leave out important facets of a term’s meaning or
    use. You’ve done the reading and paid attention in class.
  • Thoughtfulness. You’ve spent time with the readings and key terms and thought
    about our discussions. You don’t parrot back exactly what I’ve said or
    memorized a reading, but show that you’ve analyzed and formed opinions about
    these ideas.
  • Ability to make connections. You’ve thought about readings, terms, and
    discussions independently, but you’ve also given some thought to how one idea
    relates to another and can identify points of similarity or contrast.

I am always happy to meet with you one-on-one to go over anything you’re confused
about or need extra time to work through.

  • Please explain how [key term x] is related to [key term y], referring to specific
    authors and arguments.
  • Please define [key term x] and explain how it figures in to a digital humanities
    project we’ve examined.
  • If you had to suggest a key term to contribute to our list, what would it be and
    why? Please be sure to explain how your suggestion relates to the other terms
    on our list and how your key term fits into our class readings and discussions.
  • For a given digital humanities project, explain which sources it uses, how those
    sources have been processed, and how they have been presented.
  • Select a primary source — an advertisement, a book, a movie, etc. — that you
    think best exemplifies [key term x] and explain why you’ve chosen it, referring to
    specific authors and arguments from our readings and discussions.